Thursday, February 25, 2010

Form a line, boys!

I just picked my 3 year old up from preschool and one of the other mommies told me that her son says he's going to "marry Maddie's mommy" when he grows up.  Apparently I am considered to be quite the catch among the 3 and under crowd.

On one hand, I feel a little badly.  After all, my daughter has her heart set on this boy and no one wants to lose to their mom.  But, pfft, whatever!  She's young and has her whole life in front of her.  She still has years to look forward to - years when ALL the boys think she's hot.

Me?  Those years are long gone.  I need to at least consider all bids for my affection - no matter how misguided they are.  It's not like I've got lots of options when my husband finally decides he's had it and follows through with his plan for faking his own death.  I've had three kids in short succession and nursed all of them for at least a year.  My breasts hang like heavy pendulums and, like silly putty, will eventually collapse into a puddle unless firmly supported.  My hips have spread, my belly has stretched, my face is lined with fine wrinkles, and my eyes have permanent dark circles under them from lack of sleep.  Interest is interest!

Still, I'm not sure how much of a real future there is with Dora the Explorer's* target demographic.  sigh.  I guess it really is better to just let Maddie have him.  ;)


Sweetest Whimsy said...

That is SO funny! I just posted about your blog on our family blog (, by the way!

Heather Binkley said...

Thanks Sweetest Whimsy! I love it when my readers spread the word! :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Heather Binkley said...
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