Friday, February 26, 2010

I LOVE Target!

I LOVE TARGET!!!  I do.  I live near a Super Target and I don't know what I did before.  After a recent snow storm, Target was shut down.  (Apparently, someone heard a disconcerting sound that indicated the weight of the snow was threatening the integrity of the roof.)  It was HORRIBLE!  All the moms I knew were in a panic.  Valentine's Day was just 2 days away.  Where were we going to buy the stupid crap all of our kids expected without feeling like we were buying stupid, worthless crap?  Target is the only place I've found that has managed to perfectly walk that line between bargain and chic.  Kmart, Walmart, Dollar Central - these stores just leave me feeling dirty.  When someone asks, "Where'd you find that?"  I'm happy to say, "Target!  Isn't it great?"

It's not about the deals.  I don't really think that Target has the best prices on most things.  It's not about the quality.  You can buy much nicer products than those that Target offers.  It's not even about the convenience (ok, it kind of is).  But it's also about image.  Target's product lines are chic and contemporary.  They just know how to market their stuff!

Anyway...I had a little free time today after I dropped the youngest at preschool and decided to run some errands.  (I had a prescription I needed refilled and also needed to pick up some orange juice.  Oh!  And coffee, I needed a cup of coffee.)  Where did I end up?  Target, of course!  (Have I mentioned how much I love Target?  Ours has a Starbucks in the store!)

As I walk in the door, on my way to the pharmacy, I pass their "Super Deals" section.  Now, I'm not a bargain shopper and I usually pass right by this section, shrugging it off as stuff I don't need, but today, glory of all glories, I looked at the display.  What I saw evoked such strong feelings that my heart started to beat faster.  My breath caught in my throat.  And I froze.  Kraft* Macaroni and Cheese (the 7.25 oz box, not the skimpy 5 oz box that costs the same but has less macaroni) was on sale for $.69 a box.  That's $.30 less than what it typically costs!  That's AMAZING!!!  It was a Walmart moment - you know the, "That price is amazing!!!  How do they do that?" kind of moment  (without the feelings of guilt and sleaziness that I get when I shop at Walmart.)

This is the 7.25 oz. box that was on sale for $.69

not to be confused with the shaped noodles which look cool, but contain almost 2 oz. less macaroni

What a truly glorious sight!!!

It was a brand new display - not a single box was missing.  I felt like I had just stumbled upon a gold mine.  I looked furtively to the left, then to the right.  No one else seemed to have seen it.  I quickly go back to the front of the store and get, not a hand basket, but a shopping cart.  I'm actually contemplating just sweeping the shelves with my arm like they do on those cheezy game shows.  I discard this thought as irrational and rebalance my karma by telling another mother about my find.  I start putting boxes in my cart and realize that I don't really know what the limit is.  There's none posted, but how many can I buy without looking like I need psychiatric help?  My kids could live on this stuff if I'd let them.  We actually had to make a rule when my son was little that we would only make it once a day.  I watch a woman next to me put 2 boxes in her cart.  (I already have 8).

"This is an amazing price" I say to her casually.

"It really is," she replies. "It's too bad my pantry is full.  I'd buy more."

This is just the kind of thing I wanted to hear to justify grabbing more boxes.  "I know.  I'm thinking about just storing it in my garage."

"That's true," she says, "I do have room in my basement..."  She grabbed a couple more boxes.  I did too.  Now I had 14.  I looked longingly back at the shelves, filled almost completely with the blue boxes.  sigh.  More than 14 is really too much.  I push my cart onward towards the pharmacy.  I'm never going to find a price like this on brand name macaroni and cheese ever again.


shannon said...

Word to this entire post. Since Target is headquartered in the Twin Cities, we do not feel any guilt about shopping at a big box store because we are supporting a local business. :) I love that you can get a week's worth of groceries, some clothes for work and a garden hose all in one place.

Tara said...

I love Target. LOVE. I can't get out of there without spending at least $50 every time I go. And Liberty of London is about to launch a line for Target. I'm doomed.

Heather Binkley said...

I consider it a successful trip if I only spend $50. Did you know that you don't have to sign your receipt if you spend less than $25? I had been shopping there for 4 years before I ever spent that little and found that out.

Charlene said...

They are remodeling the Target in Chantilly to add more grocery items. I wish they would turn it into a Super Target.

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